Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We provide our clients with pre-trial analysis and case strategies on all their disputes and represent them where need be at all levels of the Court System and the tribunals. Some of the areas we cover in this practice area is majorly on commercial disputes, personal injury and insurance claims, torts and petitions.

We also provide post-trial and judgment analysis and advise on merits and demerits of appeals. 

Our Attorneys at Law provide specialized and quality legal advice on issues of litigation arising from various areas of the law. Litigation is an unpleasant experience, and our lawyers constantly evaluate each case on its own merit. 

During evaluation, we look at realistic outcome prior and throughout the litigation process to ensure the best outcome for our client. Our lawyers are equipped with vast knowledge, experience and training to effectively attend to our client’s best interests. They are equipped with excellent investigative skills and are extremely resourceful in locating requisite evidence to solve claims.

  • Torts
  • Bankruptcy
  • Professional liability
  • Assessment of liability and wrongful arrest
  • Litigation in respect of negligence claims-personal and accidental injuries

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